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Many find it surprising that every bird is an individual, with his or her own unique personality and story. My presentations consist of laptop-projected photographs and tales of the wide variety of birds I have rescued and cared for, each having suffered some kind of mishap in today's world. Programs vary according to grade, and age-appropriate photos can include a nestfull of orphaned Blue Jays, a Baltimore Oriole minus his tailfeathers, or a paint-covered Herring Gull; a Peregrine Falcon whose beak was repaired after he collided with the Tappan Zee Bridge, an x-ray of a Bald Eagle peppered with shotgun pellets, or a Red-tailed Hawk and a Black Snake locked in battle, both delivered to my door fully alive (but tired).

I have yet to address a group of students who have not delighted me with their attention, surprise, enthusiasm, and eventual barrage of questions. I always leave with renewed hope for the natural world.

Separate presentations available to English or Writing classes, focusing on nature writing and storytelling. Smithsonian Magazine called my children's book Hawk Hill "the finest natural history title of the year;" and my bird-rehabbing memoir Flyaway, published by HarperCollins after a seven-publisher auction, was reviewed by Bluestalking as "the best nonfiction book about animals I've read since James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small, and best nature book since Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek."

Dear Suzie,

Thank you so much for coming to our school. You got rave reviews from all of our students in the Lower, Middle and Upper school divisions. Our students were amazed and delighted by your stories, and impressed at the depth of intimate knowledge you manifested, as well as the clear evidence of your long-term commitment to bird rehabilitation. All of us at BWL truly appreciate that you took the time from your busy life to show us a better way.
Science Dept. Chair, Birch Wathen Lenox

I attended Suzie Gilbert's presentation during one of our Authors' Day Celebrations. Students and teachers were spellbound as we listened to her talk about rescuing and rehabilitating wild birds. Suzie's personal warmth immediately put the students at ease, and at the conclusion the overwhelming response was that we all wanted more. I have been teaching for more than thirty years and Suzie's program was one of the best I've attended. She left a lasting impression on her audience.
Cynthia Forrest
Art Director, Garrison School
Garrison, New York

Suzie Gilbert presented to our first graders for the first time this year and we'd love her to come every year. Her presentation was wonderful! It was well paced, informative and age appropriate. She had complete command of her audience and was able to be responsive to their questions and concerns while still managing to cover her material. Our first graders sat in rapt attention for the full 45 minutes!
Karen Freede
First Grade Teacher, Fieldston Lower School
Bronx, New York

School programs tailored to grades 1-12.

Several programs may be scheduled back-to-back for different age groups within the same school.

Member of the Westchester BOCES list of Environmental Educators.

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